Zona Blu in Weston has carefully opened (includes video story)

For the past two months, most restaurants have been open only for takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery. But as of last week, South Florida eateries were back open for customers to dine-in. While eager to receive clients, many owners and employees were particularly cautious when attending to clients for everyone’s safety.

Italian restaurant, Zona Blu, located at 189 Weston Rd, began dine-in service last Monday, May 18.

“All the waiters have their masks on,” said Andre Fadda, owner and executive chef of Zona Blu. In the kitchen, it is very important for them to work wearing their mask and gloves. And most importantly, every time that they have contact with any client, they must use hand sanitizer or wash their hands. Before the pandemic, the restaurant had around 100 seats and now it only has 50… from seat to seat we have left a space of six feet.”

Fadda also mentioned that Zona Blu, which serves fresh seafood and pasta, has implemented other ways to enforce social distancing and make clients feel comfortable. These include disposable menus, providing customers with alcohol wipes to clean hands and/or wipe their utensils, and eliminating bar seats and service.

Although adapting to the new normal can feel overwhelming for restaurants, opening to the public is loaded up with motivation and satisfaction.

For more information on all the requirements and protocols for the reopening of businesses in Florida you can head on over to www.flgov.com/covid-19

Chelsea Perez is a Cuban-American who has interned as a production assistant for The CW of South Florida. She will graduate with a Bachelor's Degree of Communications in Broadcast Media from FIU. Her goal is to represent the Latino community and one day become an entertainment reporter, while also exploring other parts of production.