A bear gets loose in a Florida neighborhood (includes video story)

A 300-pound bear was found wandering a neighborhood in Naples, Florida on Friday afternoon. The bear proceeded to make his way into backyards, swimming pools and hiding in bushes.

One homeowner had just landed from a trip when he began to receive messages that the wild animal was in his backyard.

“I thought she was kidding when I read her message first,” homeowner Jack Ryan said. “They said there is a bear in your swimming pool area.”

Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission workers attempted to trap the bear with a trail of Captain Crunch cereal. However, the bear darted quickly across the street and vanished into the  shrubs.

There were no reports of the bear being aggressive or harming any residents. A cub, however, was trapped on Tuesday in Naples.

Allison Ugarte is an FIU student majoring in Broadcast Media with a certificate in Film Studies. She is passionate about writing, reporting and producing local news content.