A Florida teen gains international attention for repairing vintage typewriters (includes video story)

In the last year and a half, 16-year-old Jack Armstrong has repaired vintage typewriters to resell. And he’s earned more than $60,000.

But all of that money goes right into his projects and long-term dreams of opening up his own brick-and-mortar location.

“I do have some typewriters in a museum in Dubai, which I’m very proud of,” said Armstrong. “I am just blown away because I am some 16-year-old schmuck in Florida and they’re like, ‘Hey, do you want to repair our ultra-rare typewriter? We’ll ship it to you from New Zealand, from Australia, from all over the world.’”

His passion began as a hobby back when he was 12 years old and since then, he has built an international reputation. 

Alejandra Garcia Elcoro is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Media and Journalism at Florida International University. With her passion and dedication, she will report vital stories that will leave an impact on her community.