A More Perfect Union focuses on what mainstream media lacks (includes podcast)

“A More Perfect Union” podcast focuses on providing the audience with fact-based podcasts that highlight areas where mainstream reporting may be lacking in context or specifics. They aim to provide credible information to inform, entertain and hopefully lead the country and audience to a more perfect union.

In this episode of “A More Perfect Union” the host, Christoper Larsen, takes a look back at some of the major policy decisions made by the Biden administration in its first year in office and how some mistakes could have been avoided. Tune in and listen as the host provides his thoughts and insights about the show’s topic.

In this episode of “A More Perfect Union.” Larsen examines the condition of democracy in the United States and answers whether it is in danger of coming to an end.

In this episode, Larsen and a co-host discuss the idea of a no-fly zone in Ukraine and how it could escalate into a nuclear war.

Christopher Larsen is a Puerto Rican-American student studying digital TV and multimedia production at FIU. He has a passion for politics, photography and making videos. He hopes to one day work for NPR or another media organization.