A pair of South Florida podcasters interested in generating more than just their own success (includes video)

The Creative Hub podcast hosted by Luke Samuel and Jermain Roberts helps local artists and designers get started. It provides tips on money management and marketing. The podcast has over 407 subscribers on Youtube and about 9,194 followers on Tik-Tok.

The podcast was initially called “Shameless Plug Creative Hub” and hosted mainly by Roberts.

In April, the duo decided to work together and start this new podcast, which has slowly gained a consistent following on social media. They taught themselves to manage the podcast — and now hope their platform will encourage young artists.

Roberts conducts one-on-one sit-down interviews with different creatives artists in South Florida. They upload new episodes every week on Youtube. 


Taknighis Beauvoir currently is pursuing a Mass Communications degree in Broadcast Journalism. She aspires to inform the general public about important topics around South Florida.