Adopting Dono: Dog abuse, neglect and the system (video story included)

Many are unaware of the realities of dog adoption, especially when it comes to past abuse and neglect. Certain pets are not outgoing — their past affects their present.

Before arriving at Yda Jimenez’s house, Dono had been in several homes and barely escaped death.

“Dono’s foster mom got a phone call, and the person from the office said, ‘Hey, you should come to pick up a dog. He has something special and he has been put on a list to be euthanized. He’s been here forever and nobody wants him,’” Jimenez recalled.

Samantha Santos, an independent dog rescuer, highlighted the threats dogs face in shelters.

“[The managers] do not care if it’s been there for two weeks or a day, or three — they will put the dog down if they need to,” Santos said.

For dog behaviorist and expert Edel Miedes, correctly identifying an abusive environment is essential in helping a pet that may be experiencing abuse. He noted that people can do that by taking pictures of dogs with alleged abusers.

“Get it on video. Try to get facial features,” Miedes advised. “If you see them going into a car, try to get the tag.”

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