After Trump pardon, Lil Wayne makes brief Miami appearance at the Urban (includes video story)

Rapper Lil Wayne appeared at an outdoor venue in Overtown Saturday night — only a few days after a last-minute pardon by former President Donald Trump.

The rapper had faced up to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to a weapons charge in December. This past weekend, he became the most recent guest to be welcomed to Miami by a partnership of The Urban, on 1000 NW Second Ave., and Headliner Market Group.

The Urban has since Dec. 17 been offering music, drinks and special guest celebrities and DJs. Fans were particularly excited to celebrate with Lil Wayne after Trump’s decision.

But the rapper, who wore headphones, didn’t engage much with fans. He stayed for a few minutes before signaling his security that it was time to go.

“I think if the president is going to pardon anyone, it should be Lil Wayne,” said Asha Sharma, 18. “I didn’t really understand it, but I am happy about it.”


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