Alcohol-based ice cream shop Aubi and Ramsa does blind taste test (includes video story)

Located in the Miami Design District, Aubi & Ramsa 21+ Ice Cream is a place where guests experience a lounge-like atmosphere without ordering a drink. Manager Barbara Castro explains the place encourages visitors to taste these alcohol-based ice creams blindly. 

 “Passion Fruit Margarita. You know okay, it’s passion fruit, I taste the passion fruit, I taste the tequila,” Barbara says. “When you do not see the name you have more experience because you taste. You really taste the flavor.” 

Recently customer Amy Porter opted to do a blind taste test. After answering a few questions about her dislikes, Porter let the server decide which flavors to try. She was impressed.

 “I liked them both so well that it would have been a horror for me to choose between them,” Porter said. 

Another customer, Arlet Rodriguez, had her own method of choosing a flavor. 

 “I really like Margarita,” Rodriguez said. “Overall, I love tequila so I knew exactly what I wanted immediately…‘cause I also really like tropical flavors.” 

 For information like location listings and hours of operation, visit the Aubi & Ramsa 21+ Ice Cream website.

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