“All You Need Is Ears” explores the sounds of Miami (includes podcast)

“All you need is ears” is a podcast where we explore the sounds of Miami and what they tell us about the city. Each episode explores a different soundscape in Miami. Exploring how the different sounds and music have played a role in the history of Miami and how they continue to influence its culture today.

Episode 1:
From the rhythmic beats of salsa music to the peaceful sound of waves crashing against
the shore, Miami has something for everyone to enjoy. In this first episode of “All You
Need is Ears,” we’re going to focus on the construction sounds in the Brickell area and
what they tell us about the city’s progress and opportunities.

Episode 2:
For the second episode of “All You Need is Ears”, we explore the sounds of the Calle
Ocho music festival, a yearly tradition in Little Havana, Miami. The episode takes
listeners on a sonic journey through the festival, highlighting the sizzling sounds of food
being cooked, the chatter and laughter of festival-goers, the diverse music from different
Latin American countries, and the applause for local bands. Through these sounds,
listeners gain a glimpse into the vibrant Latin culture and community that is celebrated at
the Calle Ocho music festival.

Giulia Barbieri is a senior majoring in Digital Journalism with an area of concentration in International Relations and Political Science. Currently, she is an Editorial Reality intern at NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises.