Americans celebrate George Floyd’s life a year after his killing (includes video story)

Today marks one year since the death of George Floyd, and commemorations are being held across the country in his honor.

On May 25, 2020, Floyd was detained and killed by a Minneapolis police officer. This sparked a social justice movement across the United States that has sparked police reform in many areas.

Throughout the weekend and today, the Floyd family and activists have been celebrating his life through marches, rallies, and even a virtual day of action supported by the George Floyd Memorial Foundation to have people get and stay involved in the fight for justice.

“We will celebrate my brother’s life in a very special way,” said Bridgett Floyd.

President Joe Biden has called for Congress to pass a bill that would change policing in the United States and he would like to sign it today, on the anniversary of Floyd’s death.

“With the passing of this George Floyd Bill that I know the President will sign. We don’t know when, but I have a good feeling about this bill being passed that would protect these families from hurting and weeping because these police officers need to be held accountable for their actions,” said Bridgett Floyd, George’s sister.

Although no one knows when or if the bill will be passed, the Floyd family is expected to meet with the President at the White House today.

In anticipation of the anniversary, Miami artists Tierra Armstrong, Kyle Holbrook, Kanarie Townsend and the Youth at Moving Lives of Kids Art Center hand-painted a mural of George Floyd in Overtown.

Helen Acevedo is an FIU student majoring in broadcast media with a minor in political science and international relations. She is passionate about giving people a platform to tell their truths.