Ana Salazar, 24

Ana Salazar, 24, said she was looking for a job months before the outbreak.

“But now it is even harder because companies are not hiring due to the economic crisis the pandemic has brought,” said the costume designer in Santiago de Chile, Chile.

The quarantine in Santiago was initially only for those areas who had COVID-19 cases, including Vitacura, Providencia and Las Condes, where Salazar lives. Later, the quarantine was expanded for the rest of Santiago’s metropolitan area. In order to leave your home, people need to print or download a special permit for essential activities. Those who violate the permits can be fined or imprisoned.

Salazar feels privileged to live in Las Condes, which she says is one of the areas that have taken the best precautions.

“My building has taken proper measurements to protect its workers,” she said. “They have provided masks, gloves and antibacterial for the doormen and the elderly workers have been sent home with pay.”

Designing new clothes for her Instagram followers has kept Salazar’s anxiety at bay. She created an IGTV series called “Prendas de 40tena” which translates to Quarantine Garments.

“Sewing is like building a puzzle to me,” she said. “It keeps me focused and distracts me from thinking of unemployment and the end of the world.”

Edda León is a born and raised Venezuelan writer. She believes journalists are the gatekeepers of democracy and information is the most powerful tool you can give to people.