Anorexia in the eyes of a therapist and a mom (includes podcast)

Eating disorders are characterized by significant disruptions in eating behavior. Treatment and assistance will vary based on the type of condition and the individual. Different perspectives illustrate how anorexia is a serious disorder associated with persistent eating patterns that negatively affect your health or the health of others.

Episode 1: Anorexia Through the Eyes of an Expert

Do you find it difficult to comprehend what anorexia is? This episode features an interview with Renata Teixeira Da Silva, a multicultural psychotherapist and mental health counselor with psychoanalytic training in multiple countries and 23 years of practice. Join us as we share general information about anorexia to assist you in gaining a scientific understanding of this disorder and increase your knowledge base.

Da Silva is a multicultural psychotherapist, able to assist patients in four languages English/Portuguese/French/Spanish, working with children, adolescents and adults with proven results. Da Silva helped individuals presenting addictions, psychotic disorders, depression and anxiety, through the development of their higher self-esteem and impulse control. Da Silva has a psychoanalytic framework to help patients identify their inner conflicts and interpersonal struggles.

Episode 2: Anorexia Through the Eyes of a Parent

If a loved one has an eating disorder, you will likely try everything in your power to aid in their recovery and triumph over their difficulties. After learning about eating disorders and gaining an awareness of the various conditions, it is time to demonstrate concern and assistance, and to observe what it is like to be around someone with an eating problem. This episode has insightful insights regarding dealing with anorexia. This episode features a mother who wants to share her personal experience with her daughter, who suffers from anorexia. Don’t miss this episode if you want to learn how to support someone who is suffering or understand things from the parents’ perspective.

A mother of two, one of Karen’s daughters has been identified as anorexic. In this episode, she talks about her own experience in detail, but she doesn’t give her name to protect the privacy of her family.

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