Artists Layon, Rebuil, Wilber Mateu and Leah Dibut create new music despite the pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused major financial struggles for the music industry worldwide. Hundreds of music festivals have been canceled around the world including Miami’s Ultra and Calle Ocho. More than 300 festivals were nixed and/or postponed in just the United Kingdom, according to Forbes. 

Musicians and artists have lost a lot of income. However, quarantine has led them to become more creative when it comes to recording, editing and posting content on social media.

Three young South Florida-based artists used quarantine to portray their true selves in new releases.

Singers Layon and Rebuil from the duo Maximum Boyz, took advantage of their time at home to compose and/or edit with different plugins. They say the pandemic has given them more time to bond. This is clear in the music.

They also built a studio in their garage to record their music. It gives them the opportunity to record while social distancing. Since work has been slow, they have produced their own music using an app called Pro Tools. This has reduced costs.

Their YouTube and Instagram following has increased too.

Directing music videos has been challenging with COVID-19. Wilber Mateu, a young filmmaker, decided to use more effects when editing videos. He has always used programs including Premiere Pro, After Effects and Maya. Since social distancing began, nature and green screens have played a bigger part in videos. Quarantine has been great for bettering editing skills, graphics and three-dimensional effects.

Mateu’s website and Instagram include his newest productions, which exhibit a dynamic compilation of masters and transitions overall.

Solo artist Leah Dibut has also come up with new ideas to entertain her followers on social media including at-home photoshoots, IGTV videos and mini-concerts. Her Instagram has wonderful content and her new songs can be heard on her SoundCloud.

South Florida artists have had a tough five months financially, but they have managed to adapt to quarantine and COVID-19. 


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