“As Weird As It Gets” delves into global fun facts (includes podcast)

As Weird As It Gets is a weekly podcast that explores the oddest and funniest facts around the globe. Our mission is to educate people about unique topics by elaborating on the background of weird and fun facts.

We explore the weirdness in numerous matters through conversation. Topics range from animal behavior to foreign superstition. We hope to provide fun and engaging experiences while learning something new. It is always good to know because… well, you never know!

These are sometimes odd, sometimes fun, sometimes both!

Did Mount Everest get a growth spurt? In the first episode, “The Tallest Mount Gets Taller,” we explore why the world’s highest peak has grown in height since the last measurement. Are the Himalayas rising? Listen along and explore together with us!

Does ketchup cure rheumatism? Maybe in the 1830s… In the second episode, “No Advil, Just Ketchup,” we explore the forgotten medical powers of our favorite ketchup. Is ‘ketchup drug’ a part of the untold history? Listen along and find out!

How many cow accents do you know? In the third episode, “Do Cows Have Regional Accents?”, we explore how cows from different herds worldwide have different ‘moos.’ Or do they? During the past decade, several news articles blasted across the internet describing the phenomenon of cows having accents. Listen along and take a deeper look at the weird ‘moo’ phenomenon with us!

We don’t know about you, but we sleep with both eyes closed. In the fourth episode, “Why Dolphins Sleep With One Eye Opened?” we explore the science behind dolphins’ odd sleeping habits of always keeping one eye open. Is it a right or left eye? Listen along and reveal the mystery with us!

Do Croatians break glasses when they vibe to a song? In the fifth episode, “Croatian Unwritten Law… Break That Glass,” we share a microphone with Croatian guest Leonarda, who tells us more about the weird tradition. Listen along and learn about the “polomicu case od kristala”!

Giovanni Valenzuela is a Florida International University student with major in a Digital Communications and Media. Aside from studies, he enjoys working out, and has a great passion for creative arts such as photography and making videos/short films as a hobby and aspires to be a film producer in the future.

Katrina Grigorovica is an international student from Latvia majoring in Digital TV and Multimedia Production with a minor in Project Management at FIU. Aside from competitively running for FIU's track and field team, she also enjoys singing and playing the guitar, loves photography, and is an enthusiastic audiovisual content creator.