Friday, September 22, 2023

Amanda Gray


Amanda Gray is a Cuban-American student majoring in digital media at FIU. She intends to utilize her knowledge of writing, public speaking, editing, and social media management to pursue a career in non-profit work, bringing to life her passion for communication and advocacy. Gray has enjoyed extensive international travel and uses her global perspective to highlight and serve communities.


Various foreign affairs are driving up the cost of living (includes video story)

Russia and its allies are taking steps this week to drive up global gas and food prices, and Americans may soon be...

Clothing can help solve skin irritation this summer (includes video story)

Throughout the United States, people are suffering from heat waves due to global warming. As a result, experts are...

Missile washes up on Palm Beach shore (includes video story)

When Palm Beach homeowner David Marder looked out his window, he did not expect to see what looked like a missile in...

High school teacher fights for the ocean (includes video story)

Marine biology teacher Nicolas Quintairos of Miami Palmetto Senior High School is making waves in the world of education and ocean conservation.

Heat illness rises as temperatures increase (includes video story)

The temperature is rising and so is the danger of heat illness. Today the National Weather Service issued the first heat advisory...

Florida teens build a plane in three years (includes video story)

Eleven teenagers from Naples decided to take on the task of building a two-seater plane and three years later, the plane is...

Mental health epidemic sweeps across universities (includes video story)

Universities across the country are facing a mental health epidemic among their undergraduate students. According to a study from...

Rock n’ roll and the world mourns Tina Turner (includes video story)

The world is mourning the loss of the “Queen of Rock and Roll." Tina Turner, 83, passed away May...

Federal climate investment announced amid extreme rural flooding (includes video story)

Extreme weather events are happening across the United States due to climate change. Rural areas are hit hardest by...

Trump fumes against charges in post-indictment speech at Mar-a-Lago (includes video story)

In a historic arraignment, former president Donald Trump is currently facing 34 felony charges of falsifying business records. Yesterday,...