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Colin Miller

Colin Miller
Colin Miller is a broadcast media major at FIU. He is currently the host of The FIU Music Hour on WDNA-FM. He plans to further his career in radio broadcasting.

Award-winning drummer Lee Levin shares skills with next generation (includes video story)

Lee Levin is a Grammy-award winning drummer, engineer, and producer. He has recorded and toured with a variety of artists, including Barry Gibb (of...

Miami’s music scene finds variety with Slim Glasses

Slim Glasses is a band that is made up of music students who met by chance for a project at Miami-Dade College. But it...

Miami Springs’ Curtiss Mansion is among Dade’s most important historical spots (video story included)

Nestled among the small houses and palm trees of Miami Springs is the historic Curtiss Mansion. Built in 1925, it was once the home...

Latin Jazz Ensemble presents on FIU Music Hour

FIU student and host of a WDNA Public Radio program, presents the FIU Latin Jazz Ensemble. Courtesy of 88.9 FM WDNA Public Radio