Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Danielle Tabera

Danielle Tabera is a senior pursuing a degree in Broadcast Media and Mass Communications at Florida International University. She is planning on attending culinary school after receiving her Bachelor's degree in hopes of becoming a food journalist.

Sentencing trial for Nikolas Cruz begins four years after Parkland shooting (includes video story)

The sentencing trial against school shooter Nikolas Cruz began Monday, more than four years after the gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman...

Inflation in Florida continues to harm families (includes video story)

As prices continue to rise, families are being priced out by high interest rates. Karen Martin is a...

Florida police officers detain jet ski thief who cannot swim (includes video story)

On Sunday, June 5, deputies near Daytona got to pull a rare "Bad Boys" style move by commandeering a boat to chase...

Biden takes action to fight inflation (includes video story)

Prices are rising rapidly around the country. Gas, food and housing are some of the areas most strongly impacted, and Americans have...

A dominatrix does her work virtually through the pandemic

It's a humid, starry Saturday night in a small apartment in Homestead not far from Krome Avenue. A bright LED ring light is in...

Five best parks to meditate in South Florida

Have you been thinking about meditating but don’t know where to do it? If you want to reach a high level of mindfulness and...