Sunday, March 3, 2024

Diana Ocampo

Diana is a senior at Florida International University seeking a degree in Digital Media and Multimedia Production with a minor in film. She is passionate about content creation, TV production and entertainment. She plans to produce her own television show after completing her undergraduate studies.

Reef restoration in paradise (includes podcast)

In “Paws, Pets, and Prices,” we dive deep into the challenges of the rising cost of veterinary medicine and the critical shortage of veterinarians....

Can South Florida’s precious coral reefs be saved? (includes documentary)

Coral reefs support human life and are a natural tourist attraction. They are essential to fishing and to our food. They also operate as natural barriers that lessen the influence...

South Florida’s coral reef dwellers in peril (includes video story)

The demise of coral reef dwellers like sharks and manta rays is a serious issue.Overfishing, ocean pollution and climate change pose threats to the...