Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Kasey Mintz

Kasey Mintz is a journalism student at Florida International University. He enjoys college football, politics, and the Office.

COVID forces several athletes to pull out of Olympic games (includes video story)

Surging COVID-19 cases in Japan are causing fear for the summer Olympics. The virus has already hit the Olympic village, sending some Olympians home. Some high-profile...

Years before the collapse, Champlain Towers reports contained red flags (includes video story)

In the conversation about the collapse in Surfside, one thought is echoed-- buildings do not just fall down. Reports coming out over the weekend imply...

European Super League sparked controversy in the soccer world (includes video story)

There has been a lot of fallout from the failure of the European Super League. It was to be financed by JP Morgan and...

American Airlines races to get parked planes back into service (includes video story)

American Airlines is preparing for the summer travel rush by making sure planes are ready to get back in the air. The company’s maintenance base...

Dalmatian Rescue of South Florida saves paraplegic dog Emma Roo (includes video story)

Emma Roo had to go from China to South Carolina to find a loving home with Misha Rackliff, but this would not have been...

New parents discuss birth during the pandemic (includes video story)

COVID-19 brought a lot of uncertainty this year. Having to adjust to this new normal has created a sense of concern for new and...

Christine Cahill is allergic to cats, but she adopted one anyway

Christine Cahill had a cat for 19 years, but once it died she never intended to get a new one. Then the Plantation resident heard...