Thursday, September 28, 2023

Sophia Lama

Sophia Lama is a senior at Florida International University majoring in broadcast journalism. She was ABC 7 Chicago’s first-ever race and culture reporting intern. Currently, Sophia is a part of the NBCU Diversity, Equity & Inclusion fellowship in Washington, DC and is interning for ESPN.

Wild fox captured and euthanized after Capitol Hill attacks

A fox wandering Capitol Hill was captured Wednesday morning and has been euthanized after biting at least 9 people including a congressman,...

Deadlock slows Brown Jackson nomination (includes video story)

A deadlock in the Senate Judiciary Committee has slowed the nomination of judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

$1 Billion to Ukraine in a week after Zelensky’s emotional speech (includes video story)

During an emotional virtual address to a joint session of Congress, Ukrainian President Volodymyr...

Russia expands towards NATO allies (includes video story)

Russia is expanding its attacks on Ukraine to western regions, striking areas as close as 11 miles from NATO member territories.

US and others sanction Russia after invasion (includes video story)

The United States and other countries slapped sanctions on Russia Tuesday after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops into Ukraine.  Putin has recognized parts...

Uyghurs in US complain of cultural genocide during Olympics (includes video story)

Uyghur immigrant Hamid Kerim escaped persecution in China and became a successful businessman in the United States. But not many Uyghur people, including his...

Parkland dad protests on Stoneman Douglas anniversary (includes video story)

The father of one of the students killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas mass shooting climbed a construction crane near the White House to...

Covid-19 lockdowns had little effect on death rates, study finds (includes video story)

A Johns Hopkins University study looked at how different closures during the lockdown reduced Covid deaths.  The study found that overall, the lockdowns defined as...

A storm wallops the northeast and students give deep-freeze advice (includes video story)

This past weekend, winter storms buffeted the northeast with hurricane-force winds and up to two feet of snow, while in Miami, temperatures fell into...

Climate change and sea-level rise threaten Miami. Education is critical. (includes video story)

Climate change poses many threats to the South Florida ecosystem, but many people fail to realize the potential effects on their daily lives.  Attracted by...