Thursday, June 13, 2024

Srishti Jaiswal

Srishti Jaiswal is an international student from India. She is currently a senior pursuing a degree in broadcast media. Though far from home, she continues to push herself to give a voice to the voiceless no matter her location.

Lighthouse for the Blind proves you don’t need to see to create

A bass player, a music producer and a piano player have two things in common: they are visually impaired and they have a passion...

Janitor: a small word with a strong meaning

“When you’re cleaning, they look at you like you’re nothing. As if you -- you know, as if you don’t have an education,”...

Saddle up with FIU’s equestrian team

The FIU equestrian team will soon ride again. Head coach Daniela Roy trains her Golden Panthers every Tuesday and Thursday in the morning at...