Aventura, a bachata band from the Bronx, hit South Florida for a farewell tour

Aventura, a bachata band from the Bronx, recently played its farewell tour — “Cerrando Ciclos” directly translates to “closing cycles” — at the Kaseya Center. It brought together fans from different generations and all over the world to show that the quartet’s legacy is never-ending.

They got together back in 1994, and ever since, lead vocalist Romeo Santos, guitarist and producer Lenny Santos, bassist Max Santos, and backing vocalist Henry Santos, have redefined bachata, a genre typically rooted in the Dominican Republic.

Although their surnames suggest otherwise, only two members of the band are brothers — Lenny and Max Santos. Romeo and Henry Santos are cousins, but not related to Lenny and Max in any way. All members are Bronx natives, except Henry, who moved to the United States at 14 years old.

Like Miami, New York is a hub for latino immigrants. For Dominicans who arrived in the U.S. in the 1960s, classic bachateros included Antony Santos and Luis Vargas.

Aventura — under their original band name, Los Tinellers — took inspiration from their roots and created a hybrid genre that included influence from their lives in the U.S. Two years after formation, the group released their debut album “Trampa de Amor.”

Their modern take on bachata — infused with pop, hip-hop, and R&B — resonated with a new generation of listeners. In 1999, the group released their first album under the name Aventura: “Generation Next.” The breakthrough came with the 2002 album, “We Broke the Rules,” featuring the hit single “Obsesión.” The song became a global hit, topping charts in several countries and solidifying Aventura’s place in music history.

After the group disbanded in 2011 to pursue solo projects, particularly Romeo Santos’ remarkably successful solo career, fans had long hoped for a reunion. Their wishes came true when Aventura announced a series of concerts for the Inmortal tour in 2020 prior to the pandemic, but it was only a taste of what was to come. The 2024 world tour marks their definitive return to the stage together, a celebration of their enduring legacy and the culmination of their journey as a band. Each performance promises a dynamic blend of classic hits and surprises, all delivered with the energy and passion that Aventura is known for.

The set list includes classic throwback hits such as “Por Un Segundo,” “Dile al Amor,” “El Perdedor,” and “Obsesión” as their encore. Recent tracks including their 2021 collaboration with Bad Bunny, “Volví,” and 2024 single, “Brindo con Agua,” make their way onto a set list of 34 songs that has fans singing all night long.

A special moment from the tour was the fan request, where a select fan had the opportunity to join Aventura on stage and sing a song of their choice alongside the band. On the second night at the Kaseya Center, Veronica Mayo joined Aventura on stage and sang “Yo Quisiera Amarla” from their 2009 album “The Last.” As Mayo joined the Santos men on stage, she stunned the band and fans with her voice as she held her own with Romeo.

“Since I was six years old I sang their songs with so much emotion without knowing what it meant,” shared Mayo on Instagram. “I feel so happy to have accomplished the dream of that six-year-old girl.”

The tour, which began on May 1 in Sacramento with partner Cardenas Marketing Network (CMN), will progress through North America, Latin America, and Europe.

Jacqueline Flores Figueras is a junior at Florida International University majoring in digital media and pre-law. Currently, Jacqueline is a college marketing representative for Sony Music U.