Voces del Periodismo awards, 2024 (includes video story)

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Today is the fifth edition of “Voces del Periodismo.” Sponsored by The National Association of Hispanic Journalists, it recognizes the best in Spanish and English Journalism in the last year at Florida International University. Here are the winners;

Best “News Story”:

Best “Feature Story”:

Best “Investigative or explanatory reporting”:

Best  “Video Story”:

 Best “Audio Story”:

Best  “Slideshow”:

Best  “Social Media Story”:

The director of the Florida International University (FIU) master’s degree in journalism, Alejandro Alvarado, congratulated the nominated and the winners.

“It is something very significant, which they will surely remember all their lives,” says professor Alvarado. “For some it is just the first journalism award they have won, and that makes it very significant.”

This new edition of Voces could be carried out thanks to the judges; journalists, reporters and News Media executives, always willing to support the journey of the younger generations. They are Andoni Abirruena, Erika Carrillo, Liliana Castaño, Valeria Conde, Juan Jesús González, Luis Alberto González, Sonia Osorio and Lyng-Hou Ramirez.  

The FIU student chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ), led by president Andrea Fonseca and Kerelyne Escobar, organized and produced the Awards Voces del Periodismo.