Beer lovers gathered at Deerfield Beach this weekend (includes video story)

The Ocean Blue and Brew event held over the weekend at Deerfield Beach was a vibrant and exciting gathering celebration of craft brewing.

The event, which attracted both locals and visitors, took place against the stunning backdrop of the beach, one of the main highlights was the extensive selection of craft beers from renowned breweries, both local and regional.

Beer enthusiasts had the opportunity to sample various flavors and styles, engaging in conversations with knowledgeable brewers.

In addition to the craft beer offerings, the event featured a variety of delicious food options. Local food vendors showcased their culinary skills.

Live music performances by talented local bands provided a lively soundtrack to the event, creating an upbeat and festive atmosphere.

Yenifer is a senior at Florida International University majoring in digital communications and media. After graduation, she plans to work in the radio entertainment industry and work as a radio personality.