Biden administration proposes new rules for airline fee transparency (includes video story)

President Biden recently proposed new rules for airlines and travel sites. The aim is for carriers to be more transparent about what he called “unnecessary hidden fees.”

“They cancel on you, and you have to pay a fee to rebook,” the President said. Come on, man. It’s just simply not fair. It’s not fair.”

If the rule is implemented, airlines would have to disclose upfront charges for cancellations, change of flights, checked bags and babies traveling with parents. 

Airlines for America (A4A), the trade association and lobbying group that represents the airline industry, says that “they already offer transparency to consumers from first search to touchdown.”

Just this past week, 3,700 flights were canceled, mostly in Florida due to Hurricane Ian. Major airlines are issuing travel waivers allowing passengers to rebook without paying the difference.

Nicole Castañeda is a psychologist and designer double major at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá and has a master degree in Clinical Psychology and Logo-therapy. She is currently doing her masters in Spanish Journalism at Florida International University. She is passionate about fashion and journalism and her goal is to be able to work as a reporter in a Latin American channel.