Biden aims for bipartisan push for infrastructure (includes video story)

President Joe Biden’s latest proposal on his legislative agenda is his $2 trillion infrastructure plan.

The plan is in response to the nation’s need for infrastructure repairs and the implementation of greener energy which will occur within the next eight years. He is pitching this plan as a way to improve the current state of unemployment and get more Americans back to work.

The President is hoping for a bipartisan push in order to pass this infrastructure plan, but reaching a compromise between Republicans and Democrats is a work in progress. Republicans disagree with the size of the plan and have instead offered a counter-proposal that slashes the costs and limits the size.

On Wednesday, President Biden hosted his first White House meeting with leaders from both parties and both houses of congress. Today, he’ll meet with just GOP senators to help find middle ground. The White House hopes to make progress by Memorial Day, but progressives are ready to move forward as soon as possible.

Deniel Dookan is a senior at Florida International University majoring in broadcast media with a minor in psychology. She aspires to become a news anchor in South Florida.