Biden lowers penalty for marijuana possession (includes video story)

President Biden has announced the steps that will be taken to reclassify marijuana as lower risk. This comes after more than 50 years of marijuana being categorized as a Schedule I substance. On Thursday, the President posted on social media, encouraging other nations’ leaders to do the same.  

Marijuana was grouped with drugs that are of no medical benefit and have a high potential for abuse and addiction, such as heroin and ecstasy. But throughout his presidency, Biden has pardoned federal marijuana offenders and urged states to engage in the same actions.  

In April, the Justice Department recommended reconsideration and rescheduling as a Schedule III controlled substance. This classification contains prescription drugs suh as steroids or codeine.  

The rescheduling proposal is expected to appear publicly in the Federal Register, opening it up for a 60-day public comment period.  

Elaine Ruiz is a junior at Florida International University seeking a degree in Digital Communications and Media and in History. She is passionate about TV production and the entertainment industry and hopes to work in the entertainment industry after graduation.