Black Rock Star Super Hero takes place in honor of Black History Month (includes video story)

Black history month celebrations continue in Washington D.C. with Black Rock Star Super Hero Marketplace this Sunday.

Chocolate City Rocks, a multimedia event production company, organized the marketplace, which celebrates and supports small black business owners. Vance Head-Roc Levy, Chocolate City Rocks CEO, also owns a clothing brand that celebrates African American heritage. 

“Everyone here vending are people of consciousness, people of culture,” he said. “These are people who in their lives they work to move this country forward. That can be a lonely thing at times, so I like to create spaces when we can all get together to meet one another, encourage one another.” 

Entrepreneurs and artists gathered at a local brewery to sell. The stands displayed clay pottery, scented candles, books, earrings, and works of art. Each vendor found an opportunity to network and connect with the community. 

“I’ve never done an event at a brewery before, especially inside,” said Ana Driscoll, the owner of Fahrenheit 99 Candles. “So it’s a really nice treat. It’s February… There’s great food here, the vibe, the atmosphere, the vendors are wonderful. I am happy.”

Driscoll thinks the city always has opportunities for small business owners to showcase and sell their work. 

Not only did the entrepreneurs have a great time, but customers from different backgrounds enjoyed the in-house brewed beer, food and music. They even participated in a Black history trivia. 

Black Rock Star Superhero’s name is a tribute to two historical figures that Head-Roc Levy admires—Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. Vance Head-Roc Levy is organizing more events like this one throughout the year to bring the community together.  

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