‘BookTok’ community on TikTok inspires users to take up reading (includes video story)

While most social media trends fade, Tik Tok’s ‘BookTok’ has stuck around. A community of readers found on the social media app has flourished and inspired people all over the world to read. 

Users on the app make videos of book recommendations and many discuss novels in comment sections. 

In bookstores like Barnes and Noble, there are even dedicated sections that include the most popular books discussed on the app. 

“It all started when book recommendations started coming up on my Tik Tok ‘For You’ page,” said Brittney Rodriguez, so she went to Barnes and Noble to buy the books. “I found a new love for reading through BookTok and I’m so grateful for it.”

This frenzy has allowed novels that would have normally gone under the radar to make it to the New York Times Bestsellers list, as well as bring back popularity to classics. 

Amanda Milian is a senior at Florida International University majoring in Digital Broadcasting. She enjoys educating the future broadcasters of America, watching college football and baseball and expanding her knowledge in the realm of communications and broadcasting. Amanda hopes to someday be an anchor on Good Morning America and looks forward to the path ahead of her in broadcast journalism.