Bubble City Community Project helps feed those in need (includes documentary)

The Bubble City Community Project is a student-led initiative at Florida International University that aims to help the homeless. Led by the group’s president, Maya Rylke-Friedman, the project holds biweekly meetings, during which students prepare sandwiches.

The process involves setting up two assembly lines – one for peanut butter and one for jelly. The sandwiches are then distributed the following day in Overtown, a neighborhood in Miami with a high concentration of homeless individuals.

In addition to distributing sandwiches, the group works closely with Buddy System MIA, an organization that provides refrigerators in places of need. Any extra food that the student volunteers bring as well as surplus peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are donated to these refrigerators. This partnership ensures that no food goes to waste and can be accessed by those in need at any time.

The Bubble City Community Project is an inspiring example of how young people can come together to address important social issues. By providing a simple yet essential service to the homeless, the group is making a difference in the lives of some of Miami’s most vulnerable residents. Through the partnership with Buddy System MIA, it is also demonstrating the importance of collaboration and sustainability in addressing social issues.

Isabella Menendez is a sophomore majoring in Broadcast Journalism at FIU with a certificate in pre-law. She is interested in entertainment and public speaking. After graduation, she wishes to attend law school to become an entertainment lawyer.