Businesses transition online due to COVID-19 (includes video story)

Like many local businesses impacted by COVID-19, a small used-car dealership in Miami closed down when the business shutdowns first started. Additionally, the owner of BCG International Corp., Giovani Ballarales, found out he had contracted COVID-19 although he was semi-asymptomatic. However, he took a bad situation and made it good. 

He transitioned his business to focus more on online sales. He invested in a website and dedicated time to better the company’s social media marketing tactics. Not knowing if it would be worth it or not, he decided to take a chance. As a result, he has multiplied his revenue immensely.

Similarly, Ysolina Monaca was a sushi chef in Venezuela before moving to Miami to start her Venezuelan food truck business. Her food truck, Cachapastar and Grill, gained popularity until COVID-19 hit. 

Then Monaca took to social media to promote her sushi during the pandemic. She began to enhance her Instagram, Yso’s Kitchen, and delivered the sushi to the customers’ houses. 

Her online sushi delivery business has maintained her financial stability during this pandemic. She attributes much of the success to transitioning online and enhancing her social media. 


Nora Ramirez is a Mexican-American communications major and hospitality minor at Florida International University. She is passionate about sports and current events and hopes to become a sports journalist.

Maria Fernanda Suarez, born in San Cristobal, Venezuela, raised in Miami, Florida, her culture was strongly based on immigration and language barriers; she began to explore how to document the world through writing. Maria is studying at Florida International University and will soon have a bachelor's degree in Communications and Marketing.

Genesis Valencia was born in Hollywood Florida and attends Florida International University, pursuing her bachelors' degree in Broadcast Media and minoring in Meteorology. She has a passion for reporting and enjoys discovering new things about the weather. She will continue with her Masters in Communications after graduating.

Daniel Peralta is a student at Florida International University majoring in Broadcast Media. He has a passion for teaching, community and communicating with others. He hopes to one day work for the federal government where his passions can impact a large group of individuals.