Butterskate Fest honors the life of local skater (includes video story)

In its second year, Butterskate Fest at Justice Skatepark has already become a landmark event for the city of Hollywood. It commemorates the life of Justice Chin, a local skater, born and raised in the city.

After his tragic passing in 2021, his family and friends decided to help his legacy live on. He was a skater his entire life, so they felt it was only right to have his local skatepark named after him. Butterskate Fest was then created to bring people together and encourage them to #LiveLikeJustice at the skate park, which is located at 750 Knights Rd.

The Live Like Justice Foundation was created and will offer fundraising for future events at Justice Skatepark. It aims to raise awareness of brain arteriovenous malformation, often referred to AVM, the malady that ended Chin’s life.

Tania Jimenez is a senior majoring in communication with a concentration in digital broadcasting. She is interested in sports. After graduation, she would like to continue her career journey in the world of sports media.