California will continue to face severe weather (includes video story)

California has suffered severe winter storms, flooding, and high winds since early March. These are expected to continue to the end of the month. 

Just this past Tuesday, an atmospheric river brought thundering high gusts to the San Francisco area, and about 185,000 Californians were left without power. California Gov. Gavin Newsom emphasized how extreme the weather has been over the years. 

“Look back the last couple of years in this state, it’s been fire to ice and no warm bath in between,” said Governor Newsom. 

The Weather Service Climate Prediction Center said Californians will catch a short break over the weekend before the next atmospheric river also known as rivers in the sky comes along early next week to bring in more rain.

Sabrina Beguiristain is a Florida International University student majoring in digital journalism. She is passionate about both visual and auditory media such as broadcasting and podcasts. In the near future, Sabrina hopes to produce creative forms of news to emphasize events and stories that should be shared.