Cast of Netflix action-drama series ‘Umbrella Academy’ offer insight ito ‘interesting’ Season 3

The third season of “Umbrella Academy” — Netflix’s wildly popular action-drama series — took viewers to an alternate dimension when it was released last month.

The Umbrellas encountered their universal counterparts, the Sparrow Academy, in a 10-episode season that dropped on June 22.

Most notably a scarred and bitter version of their long deceased brother Ben. The Kugelblitz, a large mass of heat and light that pulses energy slowly disintegrating everything in the dimension. A grandfather paradox created the Kugelblitz. It is revealed that Sissy’s son Harlan killed the Umbrellas’ mothers on their shared birthday, Oct. 1, 1989. By the season finale, Reginald Hargreaves resets the Universe with the help of Alison.

The loss of Alison’s husband Ray and daughter Claire had her mentally fractured through the season. Ultimately, Alison betrayed her siblings and took lives to get them both back. This was at the cost of the Umbrellas’ super powers which will take a huge role in the upcoming season. 

Several cast members appeared on Netflix’s official series aftershow last month, offering insight on the ending’s consequences. Luther appears to have gone through the biggest changes at face value, his ape-like physique. Tom Hopper, who plays Luther, talked about how not wearing the muscle suit could influence his performance.

“It’s going to be interesting for me because when I put on that suit there’s a part of Luther that goes on,” he said. “I will have to learn as Luther will, to be without it again. Because hasn’t had it since he was in his early 20’s. It’ll be fun for me as an actor to put him through that.”

While on the aftershow, the cast watched season three’s final scene for the first time and gave their reactions. We see the Umbrellas once again going their separate ways. This scene sets up Reginald Hargreaves as the antagonist for the following season. He stands at the top of a skyscraper bearing his name, with countless like it filling the skyline.

Aiden Gallagher, Number Five, felt that the season’s outcome was “a story as old as time,” he said. “He wanted power and he finally had ultimate power and he did anything he wanted. Season 4 can go anywhere if we get it.”

In the tower standing next to Hargreaves is his once deceased wife, who through the universal reset was returned. David Castaneda, who plays Diego, explained that oblivion had been Hargreaves’ end goal since season one. Both academies were founded with the intention of resetting the universe, and Castaneda said “he’ll do anything for love, you know? He got his wife back and maybe that’s what he always wanted.”

The full consequences of the universal reset have not been revealed, including the body count. That, coupled with a mid-credit scene of a Ben with glasses sitting in a South Korean subway car reading a book. There is speculation as to whether he is in another alternate timeline version or is the original Umbrella Academy Ben who was resurrected like Luther. Justin H. Min, Ben, said that he was in the dark when filming the scene and that it was shot early in the show’s filming.

“I would love to tell you but Steve Blackman doesn’t tell me or us anything,” Min said. “I filmed that scene completely in the dark about what I was filming. I was told to sit on a subway and read this book and think about things. So, your guess is as good as mine.”

Elio Díaz is a Cuban-American journalism student who is pursuing a career in sports journalism and commentating. Díaz has a background in mixed martial arts and hopes to use that experience to better relate to and interview combat athletes