Cities welcome spring breakers (within the rules, please)

Thousands of vacationers will be escaping the frigid temperatures of the north and flying south to sunny Florida, the spring break capital of the nation. In anticipation for the influx many popular cities have set guidelines to control the crowds.

Here are some rules and regulations to keep in mind while working on your tan.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach launched a $33,000 marketing campaign about its do’s and don’ts with the motto: “Come on vacation, don’t leave on probation.”  Security guards will be on duty at the beach’s entrance points.

Its rules:

  • Public drinking is illegal
  • Marijuana use is illegal
  • Driving under the influence is illegal
  • Driving a scooter in and out of vehicular traffic or on sidewalks is illegal
  • Riding on top of vehicles is illegal
  • No littering
  • No alcoholic beverages/open containers
  • No tents, tables and similar structures
  • No glass containers or Styrofoam on the beach
  • No coolers, backpacks/beach bags or inflatable devices
  • No excessively loud music

Fort Lauderdale:

In Fort Lauderdale, any violation of the below rules may result in an arrest, citation or a $500 fine.

  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on the beach
  • Neither alcohol nor glass containers are allowed on the sand and sidewalks
  • Possessing an open container of alcohol within a public place which is not an enclosed structure
  • Consuming alcohol in an establishment for off-premise consumption only
  • Possessing or displaying fraudulent identification card
  • Refusing to leave or returning to an establishment after being warned
  • Causing a public disturbance while intoxicated
  • Engaging in physical fighting or in violent, threatening behavior
  • Public indecency; exposing sexual organs or female’s breasts
  • Sleeping on the beach
  • Live or amplified music shall be limited
  • Electric scooters are prohibited on Fort Lauderdale Beach through April 7

Hollywood Beach:

Those who fail to respect the sand rules of Hollywood Beach are also subject to the same consequences as in Fort Lauderdale.           First aid is available at all lifeguard stands.

  • Bicycling on the Broadwalk is permitted within the designated bike paths
  • Rollerskating and rollerblading are permitted on the Broadwalk but skateboards are not
  • Alcohol, glass bottles/containers are prohibited on the beach
  • No smoking
  • No littering
  • Coolers must be 36 inches or smaller
  •  Umbrellas, tents or canopies may not exceed 10 feet and must be spaced 10 feet apart
  • Dogs, fireworks, balloons and barbecues are not permitted on the beach or Broardwalk
  • Music must be kept to a low and tolerable volume