Colombian tradition on display at Wynwood Yard

More than 500 people and 40 performing artists took the floor at the Wynwood Yard Friday night in celebration of one of  Colombia’s biggest folkloric traditions.

According to Rosmy Camargo, the director of Puerta de Oro de Colombia, the Carnival of Barranquilla is among the most popular of festivities in the country.

The event at the yard is a miniature version of the larger four-day event and one of many held in honor of the prestigious festival,  which begins four days prior to the start of Ash Wednesday.

From women dressed in colorful multi-layered dresses, to men in all white wearing their sombrero vueltiaos, participants dressed in cultural attire Friday night, paying homage to their native Colombia.

Many even decided to sport their favorite soccer jerseys.

According to Camargo, the organization has been around since 2008 and has prided itself with cultivating and sharing Colombian heritage and culture. Its motto is  “Rompiendo Fronteras,” or Breaking Borders.

Vanessa Navarro Maza,  folklife curator at the History Miami Museum, said the organization has been  part of its artist-in- residence program since the end of 2018. The event was how Puerta de Oro fulfilled part of its requirements for the program.

“Through the artist in residence program we highlight local traditional artists and their cultures,” said Maza.

Much in line with the folklife centers initiatives, Puerta de Oro was chosen, showcasing and celebrating 10 years of folkloric traditions brought over from Colombia to South Florida.

“We love to partner with local venues like the yard, or festivals or other events like that where we can bring the artist that we are presenting at the museum during the residency out into the community,” said Maza.

Other events recently held by  both organizations include, Colombian Culture Family Day, Colombian Pride and Fiesta Colombia.