Coronavirus Update: Palm Beach County asks to reopen, unemployment rate higher than The Great Depression

Today is Friday, May 8 and the unemployment rate in the United States has reached 14.7 percent,  the highest number since the Great Depression, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Palm Beach County is ready to open businesses and adopt Gov. Ron Desantis’ Phase 1 plan to reopen. The administration and Board of County Commissioners drafted a letter to the governor saying the county wants to reopen like other places in the state.

Food distribution is available for Miami Beach residents who face food insecurity. If you or somebody you know has lost a job, head to the city’s website to fill out a required form, which will determine if you qualify. If you do, the city will contact you with a date, time and location for food pick-up.

The name “Chinese Virus” is now officially considered hate speech. The San Antonio City Council voted unanimously for a resolution to make it so. The Washington Examiner reported that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz slammed the city council move, labeling it “nuts.”

Crossing guards in Miami-Dade County have left the school crosswalks for county parks. These guards will now help the county to maintain social distancing rules. Miami Dade police announced that crossing guards are available to verbally educate residents who violate social distancing rules. There are currently 166 crossing guards monitoring 60 county parks.

Tweet of the day:

How I thought 2020 was going to go vs how I feel after seeing the unemployment rate hit 14.7% in April after losing 20.5 million jobs…

— alex (@AlexUlrichh) May 8, 2020

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