Cubans running out of cash as inflation in the country escalates (includes video story)

Cuba’s current economic crisis has left the country in a state of decline, unlike anything the island has seen in the past three decades.

The country’s inability to meet the people’s demand for cash in both pesos and euros now serves as the main reason why lines fill the streets outside. 

“We’ve been here what close to an hour?” said Magalys, a Cuban waiting to withdraw money from the bank. “The issue is that even if we do get the chance to get inside, it’s probable that they won’t even have the amount we need by the time they serve us.”

The Cuban government, in response, has resorted to digital forms of banking in hopes of mitigating the issue.

However their efforts have gone in vain as the only form of currency the Cuban people rely on escapes their reach, and the situation worsens. 

Enzo Canete is a Sophomore Digital Broadcast Journalism Major, interested in Science Communication with a focus in highlighting the experiences of everyday people. He is currently working on documentaries within the Latin American community in South Florida, with topics ranging from climate change to food insecurity.