CyberSecurity: Stay safe, don’t go broke (PSA)

The Public Service Announcement features an animated spokesperson describing the tricky yet relatable case of Bill.

He is a family man with some questionable cybersecurity habits. As his various shortcomings are described, illustrated representations are shown on screen. The animation closes with a potential worst-case scenario of someone with questionable media habits. He opens his computer and finds his funds dwindling to zero.

“Bill is a family man. He invests his money wisely and provides a good life for his children,” the narrator says.

Mateo is a Digital Communications major with a focus on Television Production. He wishes to channel the skills he learns as a student at FIU into a career in production and Voice-Over.

Diego Ruberte is a dual Major in Creative Writing and TV Broadcasting at FIU. He is working on writing and publishing a collection of short stories and poems. In the future, he would like to publish his own book series as well. He hopes to pursue a position as a screenwriter for anything under the animation umbrella — television, movies, video games.