D.C. lawmakers hear testimony from shooting survivors (includes video story)

On Wednesday, the House passed a series of new gun measures in the wake of recent mass shootings. 

Doctors, families and survivors from Uvalde, Texas, and Buffalo, New York, shared their heartbreaking testimony on Capitol Hill.

“He shot my friend that was next to me, and I thought he was gonna come back to the room, so I grabbed the blood and I put it all over [to play dead],” said Miah Cerillo, a fourth-grader who survived the Uvalde shooting.

Kimberly Rubio, mother of Lexi, one of the young students killed in the Uvalde shooting, said, “Somewhere out there is a mom, who is listening to our testimony, thinking, ‘I can’t even imagine their pain,’ not knowing that our reality will one day be hers, unless we act now.” 

It remains to be seen whether the legislation can pass the Senate.

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