Dalmatian Rescue of South Florida saves paraplegic dog Emma Roo (includes video story)

Emma Roo had to go from China to South Carolina to find a loving home with Misha Rackliff, but this would not have been possible without the Dalmatian Rescue of South Florida.

Emma came to the Rescue in the early part of 2020 after being rescued from a Chinese meat market. When she arrived, the rescue had to nurse her back to health and re-acclimate her to society.

Rackliff, who is from Charleston, South Carolina, had already opened her heart to one senior dalmatian. Sadly this dog died around the same time Rackliff learned Emma Roo was up for adoption.

“I guess I was just ready to give love to another animal that needed it,” Rackliff said.

Pati Dane is the founder of the Dalmatian Rescue of South Florida. She said “Emma Roo” is a play on the word Kangaroo. This nickname came from the fact that she had to have her front paws amputated when she came to the United States.

“She was basically tortured as a puppy,” Dane said.

Dane is no stranger to rescuing dogs like Emma. Since she started the breed-specific Rescue in 1991, she has saved over 5,000 of the spotted dogs.

For Rackliff and Dane, the mission is simple: help Dalmatians across the globe escape challenging situations and deliver them into loving homes.

Kasey Mintz is a journalism student at Florida International University. He enjoys college football, politics, and the Office.