Dance instructor starts business during pandemic (includes video story)

A South Florida woman has opened up her own at-home dance studio and is welcoming the public to join.

After 23 years of teaching at Dance Empire of Miami, Tawanna Hall, 47, decided to open her own business.

“COVID had everyone all over the place, and I actually initially thought about it when we had to convert from in-house—in-studio,” said Hall. “So we had to teach on zoom and then I was like, this works, this makes sense so why not do it in the comfort of my space?”

Her company, Style Child Creations, offers apparel, styling consultations and hip-hop dance training to people ages 10 and older. Hall redecorated her living room to look more like a real dance studio by purchasing several mirrors and installing a shock-resistant dance floor. She said the entire project took about six weeks to complete.

COVID-19 guidelines are being followed to ensure that guests feel safe.

“I felt really safe dancing at style child,” said 26-year-old Chadwick Gaspard. “Because the way she has it, she has it set up with everyone in masks and the hand sanitizer on the wall so we can use that.”

Online and in-person class options are available. However, interviews are required to be eligible for in-person classes. For more information visit

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