Daycare during COVID-19 can be better for kids

After months of the pandemic, parents across Florida are still figuring out what is the best way for their children to continue their daycare/education. Staying at home and remote learning is one option. Classrooms are another. Sometimes the best thing is a mix.

Pediatrician Carmelia Lee says remote learning is often negative. Many kids miss being back at school.

“More children are complaining of neck pain and headaches because they spend their time sitting down and looking at a screen,” she said. “I have found a lot of children want to go back to school. They miss the socialization. They miss the structure.”

Since the reopening of daycare, measures have been put into place to protect the children from COVID-19 while providing a familiar environment. These measures include mask enforcement, social distancing and the use of hand sanitizer.

While healthcare professionals have given the green light for parents to bring their children to these establishments, some parents still are concerned about the risks.

A stay-at-home parent, Whitney Wilson, does not feel it is safe for her children to interact with other children at this time.

“I would not feel comfortable sending her back to school even if the teacher is wearing a mask because of the other students,” she said.

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