D.C. celebrates Hispanic heritage with the Fiesta Festival (includes video story)

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D.C. hopes to preserve the history and culture of its Latino residents in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month with the Fiesta D.C. Festival. This is the first time in two years the festival is in-person following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Festival attendee Ana Cruz said, “I think it’s critical for us to have more events like this, especially in D.C., in the capital, where it’s a leader for the rest of the country, and having these events specifically for Hispanic heritage, it’s just so essential.”

The city’s Office of Latino Affairs is a festival sponsor. Along with music and food, this event features information on city services such as help with healthcare, housing, immigration and bilingual education programs. 

“As a person of color, I think it’s really great to learn more about the diverse population that’s in D.C. because I don’t think it’s always as apparent,” said festival attendee Jay Arora. 

D.C.’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebration will end on Oct. 15 with “La Noche Cultural,” a night to celebrate diversity with live performances, food and most importantly, Latino pride. 

Juliana Narvaez is a junior majoring in journalism and English literature with a minor in psychology. After her studies, she wishes to pursue a writing career with a focus on mental health and victimization advocacy.