Almost 20 years later, D.C. sniper looks for a way out (includes video story)

Nearly 20 years ago, two men known as the D.C. Snipers terrorized the area, randomly shooting and killing 10 people and injuring three, including a child. Now, one of them wants a judge to reconsider his sentence. 

Attorneys for Lee Boyd Malvo asked Maryland’s Court of Appeals to reconsider his life sentence without parole based on a 2012 U.S. Supreme Court decision that bars life sentences without parole for juvenile offenders. Malvo was 17 at the time. 

Pat Kelly, who has lived in the Washington D.C. area his whole life and remembers the frightening time, said this about Malvo’s request: “They can reconsider but …to me, he is still the guy that shot the kid at the school. Will I feel safe? No.”

Malvo is currently in jail in Virginia and eligible for parole this year. He would start his sentence in Maryland if it is granted since he was convicted in both states. A decision on Malvo’s sentencing request in Maryland could take several months. 


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