“Delightfully Terrifying” features short horror stories (includes podcast)

“Delightfully Terrifying” is a weekly podcast that tells a variety of horror stories. The mission is to entertain new and current horror fanatics with both fictional and non-fictional works found online (submissions, forums, articles, social media) and in literature. By doing so, we hope to grow an audience, inspire listeners to explore the genre of horror, and become more open-minded to different subgenres.

Episode 1: “I Played the Elevator Game and I Did It Wrong”
In our first episode, Cymone tells the story of a woman who played a forsaken elevator game that she not only lost, but also began to lose her sanity while playing.

Episode 2: “The Lady in Red”
This week, Megan tells of a couple who are firm believers that ghosts don’t exist. But their minds change after an unexpected encounter.

Episode 3: “Midnight Survival”
Cymone tells the tale of a man taking his typical, long commute home from a busy day at
work. However, something isn’t so usual. As a matter of fact, nothing about it is.

Episode 4: “Hatchet Man”
Megan tells the tale of two college girls who spend all their time in their dorm living in fear of
the Hatchet Man. However after they decide to spend time at a local bar, one decides to leave in the
dark all alone.

Episode 5: “White House Hauntings”
In part one of this special two-part series, Cymone and Megan join to discuss the many paranormal occurrences inside the White House. Highlighting many stories throughout history. These strange happenings will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.

Megan is a Digital Communication and Media Major with a focus on Television and Multimedia Production. She is also pursuing a minor in Social Media and E-Marketing Analytics. After graduation, she plans on using the skills and knowledge gained to become an editor in the entertainment industry.

Cymone Hardy is a 21 year old FIU Multimedia Production Senior with a love for television production and fashion.