Devastating tornadoes damage Kentucky and other Southern states (includes video story)

On Sunday, a tornado system struck many Southern states, with Kentucky bearing the brunt of the devastation. High winds and debris left residents suffering massive property damage, while emergency services work around the clock to help victims and start the rebuilding process.

Many people died from the incident, while several buildings being destroyed and reduced to ashes. Softball-size chunks of hail were also seen across Southern states, causing more destruction to property, including vehicles.

Even though their homes had catastrophic damage, however, many are thankful to be alive. Emergency responders and volunteers are providing support to those who have lost loved ones and their homes, ensuring that aid and resources reach those most urgently in need .

About 200,000 people are still experiencing blackouts, a majority of them in Kentucky. The effects of destruction may keep the lights off in many places for a while. As residents prepare for the worst, there are predictions of more hailstorms and tornadoes until Monday evening. Officials warn that people should stay alert, go underground if needed and stay updated about changing weather conditions.

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