Discover new artists before they make it big (includes podcast)

The “Indefinitely Indie” podcast focuses on up-and-coming independent musicians before they make it big. Each episode focuses on an artist or group, tells listeners a little bit about who they are, and shares some of their music. Together they are a guide to new music.

For our episode on singer-songwriter Abby Cates, we were joined by someone else who loves her music, Katherinne Cuellar. It describes how Cates got her start in music and found an audience through social media. Additionally, we talk about her singles and snippets of music that are still on the way.

Another artist we focus on is Yeek, his genre-bending style is hard to categorize, but indie, hip-hop, and R&B are some of the most identifiable influences. Together with musical sage Javier Palacios, we talk about Yeek’s hopes for Naples and West Coast Florida, as well as the songs we recommend for listeners that are new to his music.

Carolina Morantes is currently a Junior at FIU in Miami, FL. She is majoring in Digital Media and Communications and is passionate about giving others a voice through storytelling. After graduating, she hopes to have a career in digital media or journalism.