Dog waste clogs Hallandale Beach storm drains

Hallandale Beach officials are asking residents to properly dispose of their pets’ waste after finding poop bags in the drains. But residents complain there are few places to throw away the leavings.

Last month, the city’s Public Works Department posted on Facebook that the bags had led to clogging and flooding.

Resident Louis Birdman said the city doesn’t make it easy. “If you don’t want people to not pick up after their dogs, make it easier for them to pick up after their dogs.” Birdman said. “Yes, it’s the pet owner’s responsibility but I can make a five mile loop walking my dogs and not see one public waste can anywhere.”

The only options available, he said, are finding a trash can in a public place or trespassing to use someone’s bin.

Assistant City Manager Kevin Kloop said dog waste bins haven’t been installed because the city doesn’t have anyone to service them.

“We do not have staff that goes around and picks up individual dog waste containers,” said Kloop. “We have sanitation workers that drive trucks that pick up bins in neighborhoods and pick up dumpsters in the commercial and multi-family areas.”

City Commissioner Michele Lazarow said she would consider reinstalling trash cans at the city’s bus stops. But, she added, they were removed because people complained about the smell.

City Manager Greg Chavarria said the bags have been found in the drains near NE 14th Avenue and Atlantic Shores Boulevard. The city staff will be reaching out to the condo board associations in the buildings nearby, he said.

Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana said she has started community cleanups to help deal with the issue.

“We do this so residents see the litter, participate in beautifying their community, and ultimately see once a street is cleaned it stays that way,” Javellana said.

Mickaella is a senior at FIU, currently majoring in Journalism and looking forward to a Spring 2020 graduation. She was born in New Jersey but moved to Miami at the age of 7. Missing the fall foliage, winter snow and 24/7 deli’s, she plans to move back up north to New York after graduation and further enhance her career.