Teen addiction to e-cigarettes can be stopped (includes documentary)

E-cigarette use has become a rampant problem among today’s youth, so much so that it has sparked an epidemic. This is a troubling sign for our society.

In order to bring awareness to the damage this epidemic is causing in our youth, we talked to some current and former e-cigarette users. They discussed how they began to pick up the habit, and how it ultimately affected their health. We also got the chance to speak with two experts on the topic: Dr. Wasim Maziak, a Florida International University’s expert on e-cigarette research in the youth, and Erica Echeverri, a former teacher who witnessed what these devices did to her students.

This mini-documentary aims to bring awareness to the severity of the above-discussed issues, showcasing how e-cigarette companies have advertised to young people.

We hope to inform those watching who may be suffering that there is help. Tobacco Free Florida offers resources tFhat can help those in need begin their journey away from addiction.

For more information, visit https://thenewnicotineepid.wixsite.com/the-nicotine-eps.

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